Tuesday, January 6, 2009

SnOw DaYs! part 3

Step one: Getting the girls to lay down whilst throwing snow over them.
Step two: Accidentally (i hope) hitting Iz square in the face.
Step three: Running to her rescue.

Step four: consoling... step five and six were in the previous post (part two) Allowing the girls to white wash and hit him with as many snowballs as Iz could muster.. I believe she threw several with very few hitting him hence me joining the party for the white washing!
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Linda R. Cobb said...

Oh! Poor Isabelle. I love you. Grandma Linda

Ginocchio Family said...

I think that this post is sooo funny!! I think that all father's come up with what they think is a genius idea to play with their kids, but as we all to soon find out, the "genius idea" was not that well thought out!! Still laughing!