Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Biter Biscuts!

The twins are just over 7months old and doing amazing! We are in the biter biscuit-solid food-high chair phase already! Olivia is army crawling around and rocking back and forth on her knees. Emily is getting into things as well, however she just scoots on her back by arching her back and pushing. They love each other and smile at each other all the time. They steal toys from each other and just chew on each others arms, legs, hands, and anything else they can get a hold of. I had to separate them last week, they are in different cribs now :(It makes me sad, but its for their safety. Its a blast hanging out with these sweeties everyday!

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Kindergarten came went like.....well FAST!

Abbie the first day of school vs. Abbie the last day of school.... any difference?

Kindergarten graduation. Abbie had such a successful year. We are so proud of her. She is at the top of her class in reading and writing. She will be going into first grade but will be taught on a second grade level. She has made so many new friends and learned to enjoy so many new things. It has been so fun to watch her learn and grow. She is a determined girl, I can't wait to see what next year brings. Love you Ab!
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When we got home from our trip to ABQ we found this in our backyard. YES!! They came and set it up for us while we were gone.

We are ready for SUMMER!

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Cousin time!

All girls, the Cobb side of the family. There are five grand daughters!
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It seems May is the month we take our annual ten hour drive to visit Ben's parents in New Mexico. The girls look forward to hanging out with grandma and grandpa and being pretty spoiled. This trip we were lucky enough to see aunt Erica and Aunt Alex and Uncle Robbie with their sweet baby Anya, who is two weeks older than the twins. The girls had a blast playing in the yard and hanging out with family. The twins ate outside in their bumbos and loved it! Linda and Erica watched the kids a couple times so I could go golfing with Ben and his Dad. It was so fun to get out for little bit with adults. Thanks! Ben's parents are so accommodating, we always have a great time there. Can't wait to go back in October for the balloon fiesta!

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So fun! Ab and Iz got to play with Grandma Linda's pillows. They had blast knocking each other over. It was so funny to watch Iz muster up all her strength just to miss Abbie by a mile. Ab had a few good hits in that knocked Isabelle down. They were both giggling and laughing so hard that they couldn't really hurt each other. This was a good way to get them tuckered out for a long drive home!

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Sweet Sisters!

Ab and Iz share a room. It's been so funny to watch them go through some sneaky transitions. First Iz would sleep on the floor next to Abbie's bed. Then I found Abbie on Izza's bed and Iz still on the floor by Abbie's bed. Now they just snuggle in together in Izza's bed. Abbie says whoever sleeps on her bed has nightmares? They started sneaking into each others beds thinking they would get into trouble. Now we just tuck them in together every night. Its funny to hear them up talking and giggling like I use to do with my sisters! Wow, how time flies!

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Isabelle celebrated her third birthday May 11th! There are no pictures of her at her own party because she is not very willing to hold still long enough to get a non blurry shot of her! She had a party at the park with some neighborhood friends and then a party that night with family! She had a blast opening presents but doesn't like to be the center of attention so we zipped through them. One of her favorites (not mine) is her mate-ups (pictured above)! YIKES! It seems we always get "fun" stuff like that from people who only have boys in their family! :) Izza had a great birthday and we had a blast celebrating our spunky little girl! We love you to pieces Iz!
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Emily's surgery went fantastic. She recovered and we were out of the hospital in record time! We arrived home April 21st, five days after surgery and on the twins 6month birthday!! It was so fun to finally re-unite them and all be together as a family. Its been hard to realize how old the twins really are.... it seems like life was on hold until the surgery. Its like waking up from a dream and having 6 month old babies! Its been fun and amazing for both Ben and I to feel the relief, its like we can fly. We carried this burden with us for 9months. (we found out Em had a hole when I was 6 months preg). The hospital stay went by like years but, its over now and we are home! We came home to balloons and a big welcome home sign (along with a clean house and happy kids, Thx Mom and Tiff.)

I just can't explain the gratitude we feel towards all those who fasted and prayed in our family's behalf! Thank you will never be enough, we truly felt the love and comfort of our Savior and our Father in Heaven throughout this process. I watched my prayers being answered daily as I struggled with Emily. She and I got through this because of the love and support of so many. I wish I could do more than just say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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