Monday, March 30, 2009

Izza's Prayer

Last night when the girls were taking turns with their own prayers, Izza's went something like this:
Heavenly Father,
Please bless Emily can have her surgery and get better and not be sick so I can say hi to her and not be in trouble. Thank you for Jesus and Heavenly Father to protect us. Bless Olivia not to be sick and have surgery.
Say these things.... Amen

I tried not to cry while she prayed. It was so sweet and so sad for me. Isabelle has had to stay away from Emily since the twins were born. She can so easily get Emily sick from all the germs she carries. Of course I will wash and sanitize her from head to toe and then allow it. Since the RSV and the push back of the surgery I have been super cautious. I have a hard time letting anyone near her without cringing inside. So, in general, Izza does get in trouble when she says hi to Emily. :( I can't wait until Em is healthy and strong and we can all be together all of the time!!
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Saturday, March 28, 2009

5 months old!

The twins are growing up so fast! They are giggling, sitting up, rolling over. Just getting big! Its amazing how fast time goes. Olivia is growing like crazy! She is almost 14lbs, Emily is 10lbs 10ounces! They love each other so much! Its a blast to watch them play together!
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What a whirlwind of events for this poor sweetheart! Last Tuesday she went into heart failure. Her surgery has been pushed up to April 2nd. We will go into Primary Children's on April 1st for her sedated echo and then just stay overnight because her surgery will be early in the following morning.

We had to take her to the ER on Thursday night because she can't keep her medicine down and has had a hard time eating because of the heart failure. Her lungs are heavy with fluid/blood which makes it hard for her to eat and she is just so exhausted all the time. After several hours and tests; IV, blood draws, catheter... we were able to leave the ER with the hopes that we can keep her healthy for one more week.
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The girls!

So sweet!
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Fashion show!

Abigail was the costume and hair designer. This is something she LOVES! She is always begging me to dress up and put just a little bit of make up on. I pulled out all the extra random make up, and went to town. Abbie loved being pampered and picking out what color combos she wanted. She definitely knows more about all this stuff than I do! It was a lot of fun for all of us. We did a little photo shoot and fashion show!

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Posing together!

Izza is our goof ball and Abbie took it all very serious!

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Izza's fashion show!

Izza had a blast doing her own "mate ups" Abbie was of course costume design! Iz picked her own poses. Above: her princess poses.
Below: you get the leg up and what she calls rainbow legs!?!

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Little Ems!

Things are moving along after a minor set back with the RSV. We have had to push things back a few weeks, because they wouldn't sedate her, or do surgery within 6 weeks of an RSV diagnosis. The new dates are set and now its all too real. Emily will go into Primary Children's Medical Center for her sedated echo cardiogram on April 6th. The surgeons will use this echo as a map of Emily's heart to see details of the hole so they know exactly where/how to repair it. Her surgery date is set for April 16th. We will meet with the surgeon the day before when we do all her pre-op stuff. The recovery is said to last anywhere for 4-8 days on average. We are glad to have dates set and know that it will all be done soon and she will be on her way to a healthy life! No more medicines to make her puke, no more super fatty formulas that make her gag, no more Synagis shots every 28 days, less doctor appointments/calls, calmer parents! :) Thanks to everyone who cares so much! Love you all!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Boot Camp!

I have spent a total of eight weeks, five days a week working my tail off. I have loved every second and it has paid off! I have lost 8% body fat! Enough about me, the trainer for the boot camp is holding a FREE trial class this coming Thursday morning at 5:30am. Its located in South Jordon at a dance studio. Its a blast and worth checking out, or at least come to the free class! I will be there with bells on, loving it! Come join me!
Axis Dance studio
3658 W 9800 S
South Jordon

check out his site

Yummy yums!!

The twins tried their first solid food today! Avocados!! It went better than I thought it would. Olivia was all about real food, "give me more" was her attitude.. until she realized she wasn't getting full fast enough. Such a cutie pie! Em was a little surprised when I stuck something in her mouth, not too impressed at first. After a few bites she was down with this new thing we call food. I am trying to stick with all natural and home made baby foods for these little ones. I will have to see how it goes, any pointers??

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Sunday morning story time

My kids (Ab & Iz) love to wake up at the crack of dawn... well actually before! Luckily they keep each other busy playing and reading books while patiently waiting for the twins to wake up. I love watching all four girls playing together. Ab and Iz LOVE their little sisters!! Its so fantastic that they each get one to read to, so no fighting over which book comes first! Its so funny to watch them try to keep "their" twins attention...I love Sunday mornings!!
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There are many amazing things about twins and I feel so incredibly blessed to witness them first hand. This is one of my absolute favorites. They just started doing this about a week ago. They hold hands while they eat or lay next to each other in bed. It amazes me that they always find each other. Getting pics of it is very rare because I am the one holding the bottles in their mouths. This time I sent Iz running for the camera. I tried to prop up the bottles, afraid that if I disturbed them too much they may let go of each other, as you can tell by the photos it wasn't easy!

My heart breaks to know that they will be separated when Em has her surgery. The average time spent at Primary Children's for recovery is 8 days. The doc said could be more, but most likely not any less. They love being together and looking at each other. It is just too sweet! I love every busy minute!!

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Shhh! Don't tell mom...

WAIT... I am the mom!! Moments like this I find myself trying to decide which me to be. The practical mom who knows of all the injuries that would occur sliding down the stairs in sleeping bags. Or the me that LOVED going over to friends houses who had stairs just so we could slide down. Today I chose the latter and the kids had a blast with a few minor injuries, phew!
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

We are back!

Due to LIFE being REAL, we have been out of commission! Now I am back and have posted updates galore. Grab some popcorn, get cozy, and catch up on the Cobb Fam!! (not really: I post for my benefit, but your viewing pleasure!;))

Emily updates!

Our sweet little angel Em. We had her cardiologist appt on Thurs. Plans are to move ahead quickly with her open heart surgery. The hole is starting to come together but the alignment is off so if it did grow together it would deform her heart and cause more unnecessary surgery. First they have to do sedated echo cardiogram. She is scheduled to go in on March 13th for that, we will be there for 12 hours. The purpose of this is so the surgeon will know exactly where the hole is and how to go in and get the job done efficiently. After the echo, the surgery will be scheduled about a week or so later. All should be done by the end of this month! It's crazy that is is here and will all be behind us shortly! Emily, or Em and Em as Iz calls her, is one tough kid! She is as sweet as can be and we know she will get through this with flying colors! Thanks to everyone who has kept us and her in your prayers!!
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Where have we been???

Sweet sleeping sick angels!! The twins both tested positive for RSV. That was something that we have been trying so hard to protect them from. Emily has been getting a shot every 28 days to try to prevent it. Because of the hole in her heart they were afraid that it would put her straight in the hospital! But yeah, they are doing surprisingly well. Ben and our neighbor gave them both a priesthood blessing and from that moment on they have been able to eat again and no more throwing up. Emily was hit the hardest by this whole thing, she is suppose to be gaining weight for her upcoming surgery but with all the throwing up she is back down to 9lbs 8ounces!

This was just today both awake and smiling while they look at books. They still cough a lot but are eating better and staying awake for longer spurts! They are the sweetest babies, even sick they sleep through the night! I just had to get up a couple of times to put their pacifiers back in their mouths!! I am so grateful for the priesthood in my home, to be able to see the power and watch my children regain their strength.
Isn't that the cutest pic of them hanging out together, they are quarantined to their room with a humidifier and Vick's plug ins! FOUR MONTHS OLD already!!
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Painting the treasure box!

Treasure box you say...? Yes, let me explain. My sweet girls are growing up and learning how not to be sweet all the time! We have a new plan to help with that (cross my fingers). The girls earn marbles by doing chores, good deeds, talking nice, helping each other, and anything along those lines. Equally they can be taken out if needed for punishment. Now when they get enough marbles (10,25,35,) They can use them to buy things from the treasure box! If they save up then they get a big reward like ice cream with dad, mini golfing, or a movie. They also have the option of combining their marbles so the whole fam can go do something fun together! I am hoping this will be a positive experience and teach them how to earn and save up for the big stuff!! :)
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