Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas in SG!

We got to celebrate Christmas with my whole family!!(minus one brother,Bryce) It was quite a crew with ten brothers and sisters, spouses, and kids! We had a Great time together. Mom was, as always, a great host with lots of yummy food!

The twins first Christmas, pretty uneventful for them, they slept through most of it!
Ab and Iz really got into the whole idea of it this year, it was so fun for me to watch and listen to them talk about Santa Claus and what he might bring them!

We sang Christmas carols around the tree, all the kids got to stand in front and lead the music! It was a great year with the kids being old enough to know most of the songs and really get the idea of Christmas! After the kids went to bed the adults stayed up and played Mafia for a couple of hours before lights out and waiting all night for Santa!! :)
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Melissa said...

OMH! That is soooo cool about Disneyland! Was it cold??? and I'm so sad about your pictures! I hope you find them! :(
Also very glad i got to see you for a sec and give you a hug! You look amazing and your girls are beautiful! Happy New year!

Tiffini said...

That's great you stayed up a while playing mafia, we did the same thing. So fun! Hooray for disney! We're going to Disney World the end of this month, So exciting.

Annie said...

Looks like lots of fun was had by all!!! YEA!Love that Disneyland! (ok, so I love Disney World more....) Sad about the pics, happy about the no lines!!! Amazing!
Sorry I missed your call the other day! I'll call you soon! :)


So fun, I love going to stg for christmas. I can't wait until Ever knows what santa is, I think it will finally feel like christmas again when that happens! Fun stuff, your family is too cute!!!

Karla said...

Hey Loni
So fun to find you and see the great pics of your family! Twins, I can't believe it. They are adorable, and I can't believe how much your other girls have grown. What a beautiful family. We are blogging too now,