Thursday, January 15, 2009

Abigail, Abbie, Abster, Abs......

The many sides of her:
Above: sweet girl on her way to school, she has begged to play the violin since was 3 years old wants to be a ballerina and a soccer player.

Then the philosopher, she talks to me about what is reality, "would if we are all just dreaming and this isn't really happening?" then questions like,"did people live here before us, like did they exist before we were here ... on earth?" I told her yes of course there is a lot of history and started naming people who have come and gone. She brought up Mary (Jesus' mom) and many others who have come and gone, then she was satisfied... onto to thinking of more things.
Below: change of clothes, hair, and some play make-up(Thanks to a friend from her bday party!)

I don't know what to think of her, she goes from 6 to 16 in a flash... She really wanted a hair dying kit for Christmas (pink, purple, green etc). I thought these little clips would be a little more uhhh... fun and less permanent. She also wants to get bangs cut like her aunt Alex, the bangs that cover one eye!! I said no way, so now she is trying to manipulate her hair into "bangs" that cover just a part of one eye!!

Her latest idea... "wouldn't it be great if I was magic, then I could just say poof and my room would be clean" etc. Yesterday it was: "if I was magic, I would make myself an adult.." I talked her out of that one as quick as I could. She settled for staying 11 or 12 for the rest of her life! How is she already so grown up and why does she want to grow faster??

If I was magic, I would keep her 6 forever!! I love her to pieces!!

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Ginocchio Family said...

This is so true! Abbie truly has many sides to her. She is such a smart girl who knows what she wants. Bangs over one eye, what a little stinker!!

Linda R. Cobb said...

Abigail -- You're sooo beautiful, sweet and intelligent -- wondering about "reality" and dreams...WOW!
See you soon; Grandma Linda

Nants (Mom, Grandma) said...

You are the fashion expert!! You have it all figured out, right! It's fun to watch you be such a girl. Just take you time and don't be in such a HURRY!!!!!! I love you at age 6.