Monday, February 11, 2008

No Training Wheels!!!

Abbie has been telling us for a while now that she knows how to ride without the training wheels. She explained, " I dreamed about it, all I have to do is stay balanced and pedal." Simple enough! So Ben took off her training wheels on Saturday and we spent about ten minutes working with her. She then decided it was harder than she thought. We tried again on Sunday. It only took a few minutes and she was off all by herself! Grandpa Johnson and Aunt Alex stopped by so she was showing them her new found skills when she fell over. (her first fall, not even a scratch, just a scare) So we were done for the day. Monday we went out, but she was still nervous from the fall. I offered her a piece of candy if she rode down the driveway by herself, DONE!! She was off and running! Next was to the mailbox and back and from there it was endless running up and down the street beside her! (she still isn't sure about turning all by herself) We can't wait to go for a family bike ride!!! We are so proud of her... she was so awesome and easy to teach! GO ABBIE!!!!!

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Monday, February 4, 2008


A Husband tag.... so fun!
What is his name? Benjamin Robert Cobb
How long have you been together? seven years, including dating (we are celebrating our 6 year anniversary Feb 16th!).
How long did you date? We dated for over 1 year.
How old his he? 28
Who eats more?He does, but I have my moments:)
Who said I love you first? He did, I didn't repsond...... I was in shock!!
Who is taller? Ben, by about 20 inches!
Who can sing better? that one is a toss up.. and not cuz we are both good, but he is better at making up silly songs to make us all laugh.
Who is smarter?Depends on the subject, but Ben has a wider range of knowledge and he is pretty exact about everything!!! If he hears or reads it once then it is there forever!
Who does the laundry? I do, but I am not very good at it.. its my most hated chore!
Who pays the bills? he does, because its all online.
Who sleeps on the right side? I do.
Who mows the lawn? Him.
Who cooks dinner? I cook dinner.
Who drives? I do most of the run around kid driving... and its about half and half when we are all together as a fam.
Who is more stubborn? Both of us are pretty stubborn when we really want something.
Who kissed who first? he kissed me!
Who asked who out first? He asked me out after I had invited him on a trip to cali with me and a roomate.. thats when we kissed! SO i guess technically I asked him out? not sure!
Who proposed? He did.
Who has more friends? I would say me, although he has had a best friend longer than me.
Who is more sensitive? I am! for sure, but he tries to be sensitive to me......:)

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Tree House Museum

We took a fun trip up to Kaysville UT this past week! We went to see the newest addition to my sister Corina's family. She had a sweet baby boy, Graidy! Congrats!! We had a good time playing with the cousins all week. We got to take a trip to the Tree House Museum in Ogden! The kids had a blast running around together and they got to make bear masks and get bear noses painted on thier faces! We stayed until the kids were worn out, they slept good that night! Thanks again for hosting us at your home! Love you guys!
sidenote: 2 yr olds (almost 2) will not hold still long enough to take a photo unless they dont know you are taking one.. atleast that is the case for my sweet little Izza, you will note the fantastic side shots and blury or hidden face:)

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