Monday, January 28, 2008

I guess I am "it"

I have been tagged, by Jessie, and this time I know what it means:) quick explainantion: you get to answer questions about yourself on your blog and then pass it on to other wonderful peeps! Kinda fun!
Two Names You Go By: 1) Lon 2)Lig ( and of course Mom)
Things You Are Wearing Right Now: 1) Jeans 2) Hoodie
Two things you Want (or have) in a Relationship: 1) good communication(about everything) 2) appreciation
Two of Your Favorite Things to do: 1) Play with my kids 2) make something out of nothing... refinish an old chair, spray paint something to make it look new, trash to treasure!:)
Two things you did last night 1)had family over for dinner:) 2)watched the news about Pres Hinckley. He will me greatly missed, but we know is is SO happy!
Two people you Last Talked To: 1)Mom 2) Corina
Two Things You're doing tomorrow: 1) driving to SLC in the storm2) meet Corina's new baby Graidy!
Two Longest Car Rides: 1)SLC to Ephrata WA (12hrs) 2) SLC to Albuquerque NM (10hrs)
Two Favorite Holidays:(As an adult) 1) Christmas 2) Thanksgiving
Two Favorite Drinks: 1) Water 2) WATER (can't get enough!)
Two Things About Me you may not have known: 1) I have been on three continents N America S America and Europe2) I like to sanatize my coutertops daily (and any other surface I can!)
Two jobs I have had in my life: 1) Hostess at Red Lobster 2) CNA
Two Movies I would watch over and over: 1) Any romantic comedy 2) I am not much of movie watcher.....?
Two of my Favorite Foods: 1) chips and salsa 2) salmon (YUMMY!)
Two places I'd rather be right now: 1) Europe 2) Jamaica (I just picked random stuff, I like where I am, but I had to choose:))
5 people I am tagging now:
Enjoy it! It was fun to think about me for a minute!:) LOVE YA!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Basagna... masagna..... no wait : LASAGNA

One of Abbie's favorites, if she can just remember how to say it! Abbie loves to eat lasagna, but Izza would never try it..... unitl today! What do you say....? I think she enjoyed it!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A test run

I am skipping Christmas pics, sorry! I got a camera for Christmas and on Christmas day didn't use it enough to get good blog pics. (And it's already the end of January). However, I have been playing around with it a bit and I think I have a few things figured out. I took the girls to the park on a overcast day to try it out. I had fun and I think I have one or two that I can be proud of hence the blog. I still have a lot to learn about taking good pics but I think any pics of my girls are awesome so it was a no fail situation for me! Hope you enjoy!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Wedding

I know my blog has been sparatic and I have had people wonder why we were in NY. Finally, the reason: Ben's sister, Erica lives in Brooklyn and she got married the week before Christmas. We spent a week out there with the whole family and had a blast. It was busy and went by so fast. We loved it! The wedding was in a beautiful New Jersey town and the girls had a blast being dressed up like princesses for the occasion! Thanks for the fun memories! We Can't wait to visit again!

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And we danced all night!

What a beautiful night. After the wedding we had a great dinner and danced all night. Our girls never left the dance floor. They danced until midnight!! Everyone had such a great time watching them twirl and jump and laugh. They love to dance! We had the whole family out there having a great time!

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Deicker Heights In Brooklyn NY

A week before we left for NY I was watching HGTV. There was a special on Crazy Christmas lights. They highlighted this awesome neighborhood in Brooklyn where we were staying with Ben's sister Erica. So we had to go see it, and of course pictures don't do it justice. It was crazy. I have never seen people so excited about putting up lights! There were themed houses.. Scrooge, Mickey mouse stuff on had a carnival feel with minature rides all lit up. After seeing it on TV and hearing about all the work the neighbors go through to put this on, it was great to see in person. It got us in the Christmas mood!
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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Like father like daughter!

While I was packing up our house I heard Abbie giggling. When I looked, she was taking pictures of herself. She found the camera and these are just a few of the pics we got. What can I say? She is just like her Daddy! He loves to take goofy pics of himself to make everyone laugh. I think he laughs more than anyone else.... (unless his friend Jamin is around!:)) Ben and Abbie keep us entertained! We love them!

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Izza and Belle

Best buddies for life. Even though Izza is only 18months she still talks about Belle in her own little way. She loved chasing Belle around and I think secretly Belle liked being chased by her. When everyone was gone they sat in this chair for a while. Izza was just laughing and hugging her, Belle just let her do it. It may have been because Iz was sharing her raisins:) I think Belle always knew she could get a good little treat out of Iz! Either way they were cute together and we LOVE them both. We can't wait to get back to NY to see Belle!:) (and her owners!:))

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Rockefeller Center

We walked from Macy's to Rockefeller Center hoping to Ice Skate and enjoy the rest of the afternoon. The walk ended up slightly longer than we had planned and I was wearing heels.... yikes and ouch! Needless to say by the time we all got there we were tired and wanted to sit and relax. We found out that you have to stand in line for 45min to skate. Izza was tired and cranky as well as a few nameless peeps:) So we opted out and just watched for a while, took some pics, and went to the NBC store. It was great to see the tree and the rink, the stuff you only see on TV. It is such a beautiful city! I love NY!

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The REAL Santa Claus in NYC

Macy's (in NEW YORK) big ad: THE ONLY PLACE YOU CAN FIND THE REAL SANTA !!! We couldn't miss out on that opportunity! We waited in one of the best lines ever! We rode on a train, you could see out the windows as we rode closer and closer to the North Pole. Just off the train was a huge talking tree, singing Christmas songs and asking everyone to join in. Then we saw elves building toys. Choo Choo trains climbing up a track around a Christmas Tree. Then we met a couple of elves who led us to Santa Claus. He was so nice. Abbie asked for Dog for Christmas, he told her he would try but puppies have a hard time staying in the sleigh. It was so fun to watch Izza in amazement of all the hype and then having to sit with some old man named Santa. All she knows about him is that he says,
We all had a great time watching the girls meet Santa Claus!

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After Martha Stewart we met the rest of the family for lunch in Macy's. We had a full day planned out in the city!
Pictured LtoR:
Izza, Ben , Aunt Janene, Uncle Mike, Jay(Ben's Dad), Me, and Abbie

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Martha Stewart!

Erica got us tickets to the show. We had so much fun! I couldn't believe all the work that goes into a live show. They have a crowd warmer! A guy that comes out and tells a few jokes and gets everyone excited. He has us clap on cue and say things like ooohhhhh and awwww or MMMmmmm. On comercial breaks they pump loud dance music through the studio and hand out gifts to keep everyone going. It was a lot of fun! Martha Stewart is so on top of things! She is definately a new hero of mine!!!!

bottom pic left to right: Alex (Ben's sis), Linda (Ben's Mom), Me, and Erica (Ben's sis)

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