Monday, December 8, 2008

Its that time of year again...

We are updating our address book and sending out Christmas Cards. Please take a minute to send me your current address. If I never had your address and you would like a card, please feel free to email me asap. I am trying to get my cards out by Thursday! Thanks, Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pretty pretty princesess!

I love this! The girls got invited to a princess birthday party. It was so fun for them to dress up. Iz even participated, although she changed her mind several times about who she wanted to be.... gotta love the 2 year old!!! We ended up with Cinderella and Princess Genevieve! The pictures tell all, we get the sweet angelic side and then the goofy crazy princesses! That's it exactly how it is around here! I love my girls!!!!! They both felt so special in their dress ups walking down the street to the party. It was so fun to watch them, they are growing up so fast!!
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6 weeks, wow!!

I just can't get over how grateful I am for the new additions to our family, its been really awesome. They are both growing like crazy and seriously two of the best babies I have ever encountered. Don't get me wrong life is crazy busy and days go by faster than I ever thought possible (maybe because it gets dark so early?), but the twins are so well behaved, they only fuss when hungry or over tired (which is rare because they sleep all the time still :))
Emily is doing really well, she was weighed today and now weighs: 6lbs 9oz!!! Go Em! She is taking medication to keep her lungs from being over saturated with blood and fluids. It is helping her not have to work so hard to breath so she can have more energy to eat. That medication causes her to lose too many electrolytes so she is taking medication to counteract that problem. She is still on heavy duty formula, taking 27calories per ounce, (normal is 20cal/oz) it makes it pretty thick and hard to keep down so we get lots of throw up, but she is keeping enough in to gain weight. It also makes it pretty much impossible for her to poop so she is on fiber as well.. poor sweet baby!! We can't wait until this is all in the past!!
Olivia is gaining steady as well, she wasn't weighed today but as of last week: 8lbs 10oz (gaining 2ounces a day!!). She is so well mannered and sweet. I just cant say enough good about them, it is so amazing to watch the support system between the two of them!

They are sweet spirited girls, they have brought a whole new spirit to our home and family, I love having new babies around! Thanks to everyone for loving and supporting us. We really appreciate all the prayers in our behalf especially those for Emily. I will keep you updated on everything.

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