Thursday, January 15, 2009

Isabelle, Isabelley, Izza , Iz.......

This girl has rocked my world. There is nothing you can do or say to change her course of action, if she wants to do it will be done, if not then there is no way!! Can't be fooled or manipulated!! She is always happy, singing her made up songs, twirling, dancing, but her favorite thing is to make us laugh. She told me she loves to be funny.
If you come to my house anytime of the day, chances are you will see her in these pajamas.They are her "beautiful pajamas" when she puts them on she turns into a beautiful princess. There is no getting them off, unless they get dirty, then we have to wash her "beautiful pajamas"!

Today we had scrambled eggs, her favorite! She says, " Thanks mom, I love scrambled eggs, they are my favorite in the world." After I hand her her plate: " My scrambled eggs are too hot, it breaks my heart". While eating with everyone, " I have to go poop on the toilet, I be right back" moments later... "I am dooooone" I go to help her out and she asks," what is that smell?" my response, "well... Iz , its your poop." Iz, "EWW that smells gross!!" of course she had to run out to announce she smelled poop and its gross.!!! .....what do you do?

She asks several times a day: Shall I go brush my teeth? my reply: sure Iz. with that I get a big "THANKS MOM," while she runs to the bathroom to get started.
Today almost nap time, she was begging to watch a show instead. After asking me why she couldn't several times, I pulled the famous, "Because I am the mom and I am in charge". A few minutes later while eating her sandwich she said, " I will be the mom!" "Really?" I say. She proceeds, "You have to listen to me crazy little girl" and taps my nose like I am a child. "OK" I say, she then tells me "you have to go take a nap, while I watch a show!"

Tonight, I put her to bed and start to tell a made up bedtime story about two princesses, Abigail and Isabelle. They had many beautiful horses, dogs, and cats. (their favorite animals, so I thought). Isabelle pops up with clasped hands and asks "and cows?"..... me: what? ....... uummm of course, cows??
But my favorite of the day (yes all of this in one fantastic day). While climbing on the back of the couch she noticed the new Oquirrh Mountain Temple being built out our back window. With all the excitement in the world she screams, " Mom, the Temple!! I want to go, can we go? That's Jesus' house, I want to see Jesus again!!!! He is this taller, taller, tall!" (standing on the arm of the couch with her arms stretched up as high as they can go!)

If you want to know what pure joy is, just watch her! While playing with playdoh and making a huge mess (which makes Abbie crazy) Abbie asks, " What's wrong with you Iz?" Isabelle's reply, "nothing Abbie I am not sad, I am happy see", with a big cheesy grin on her face! Abbie grinning, "I know Iz, you are always happy!"

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Ginocchio Family said...

Izza, what can I say, you should have named her spunk!!! A lot about her reminds me of Malia, except the part about the poop!!! Too funny!

Alexandra W said...

What a great day! I look forward to those, but I know I'll miss the ones I have now :) So i'm trying to soak it all in.

The Isoms said...

What a cute little girl! It sounds like she has a great personality!

Linda R. Cobb said...

Oh Isabelle -- I miss you, you funny, happy, beautiful little princess. Love, Grandma Linda

Nants (Mom, Grandma) said...

I love to listen to you talk, watch you dance, and even watch you brush your teeth!! you make everything a joy. You dance as though life has no worries, I love it. We could all take a lesson from you.

Hannah said...

I that she decided to play "mom" so that she could be in charge. What a smartie!