Monday, December 3, 2007

My Family

I am so blessed to have these wonderful people in my life. I am so lucky that they are my family. We have so much fun together laughing, learning, playing, and just goofing around. We had my little sister, Kierstin take some family photos of us. I thought they would be perfect for our annual Christmas card. I always make an effort to pick out coordinating outfits, put everyones hair in the right place, and pick out the right spot. But, as you can tell by the family pic above, its hard to get everyone to smile and look at the camera at the same time. We have our picture selected and the cards are on thier way! Hope everyone is having a great Holiday season!

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Sunday, November 25, 2007


I cannot believe Abbie is 5 years old! I guess what they say is true; Time flies when you are having fun! Abigail is such and amazing person! She is so full of love and joy. Today is her actual Birthday even though we have celebrated 3 or so other times. I sat down with her and just talked and told her how amazed I am with the person that she is becoming. She just smiled and listened. I asked her if she knew how much I loved her and she stood up and spread her arms all the way out and then wrapped them behind her back making them as big as she could and she said, "all the way around your back with you hands touching!" We just laughed and I hugged her for as long as she would let me! I am so lucky to be her mom!!! I love you Abbie!
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The lights at Temple Square

The day after Thanksgiving we spent the day with Ben's parents and Grandma (who is serving a mission at the family history center in SLC). We took Abbie out shopping for her Birthday! Then we got all bundled up and went to temple square to see the lights as they we being turned on! Being there on temple square with the lights on is such an awesome experience! I made everyone go because we are moving and we won't be coming every year to see it. Thanks to the family for indulging me! Afterward we went back to Grandma's place for some hot chocolate! Thanks Grandma Cobb!

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Moving to SG

While we were in St. George for Thanksgiving and the race, we found a home! Ben has wanted to move to St. George for as long as we have been married. He loves it there, but I just haven't wanted to go back home! Well Ben wins! I am bowing out and taking it for the team:) We are ready to find the prefect house and get settled, we have been looking everywhere but Utah. We hadn't been able to agree or feel completely set on any one area. Ben just kept saying St.George and I kept saying no way! Saturday after the race he joked about moving there. I said if you can find a house with a big yard and a few other criteria then I will consider it. That was all he needed to hear. We found it while we were driving around after church Sunday. We put the offer in on Monday and we got it. It all happened so fast, but I am surprised to say I am very excited about it! St. George here we come! We are moving in two weeks. I will miss the Valley, my running buddies, and all the people who stop in to stay a night or two, but I am very excited to start a new life for my family in St. George! We still love having visitors, please come and stay!
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Thanksgiving day! This is the second year we joined my family for Thanksgiving! In the morning we all loaded up in cars and drove a short distance to that sand bank by the river. We brought the four wheelers, cookies, hot chocolate and of course the FOOTBALL. The boys divided into teams and played a great game that is always halarious to watch, I think this year it ended with a tie! We brought uncle Tom's dog, which was Izza's favorite part! She gave him hugs and stayed by him for some entertainment. The younger kids got together and made and awsome Teepee. When I went over to take some pictures of them by it, I said," Go stand by the teepee." They all looked around and Justis said," What's a teepee?" We got a good laugh! After playing for the morning we went home and got cleaned up. We had an awesome Thanksgiving feast at the church! Thanks Mom for putting that together again!

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Snow Canyon Half Marathon

The first annual Snow Canyon half marathon! Wow!

It was the hardest race I have ever run! They ran out of water and 6 miles of the trail was dirt and hills! It felt like up hill both ways. I went about 7+ miles with no water, it was hot and miserable!!
I guess I can say I am glad I did it, but even more glad that it is over. I learned a valuable lesson, I won't be doing any first annual races again! (unless I get talked into it by a friend, but I will bring my own water!)

The best part of the race was coming in and hearing my family cheering for me! My Mom even ran to the finish line with me! It is so awesome to have such a great family support system! Thanks guys!

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Abbie's 5th Birthday Party

Abbie's Birthday Party!! It was her first friend party. She was so excited! We made invitations and she took them to the doors by herself. She had so much fun planning her Tinkerbell party. She picked the games and party favors out by herself! We played limbo, freeze dance, made bracelets, ate pizza, cake and ice cream! All of the kids had a blast, It was the loudest two hours of my life... adult life anyway! We sent the kids home with noise makers, balloons, a magic fairy tinkerbell wand, and a lot of candy! (sorry to those parents involved:)) All in all it was a succes for both me and Abbie!

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Friday, November 2, 2007


Abigail Marie "Abbie"
November 25th 2002
She is the best HELPER! She loves to do anything to help out. She loves to play with, call, or just talk about her cousins and friends. She is our little busy body. She always has to know the who, what, where, and when for everyday. She is a planner! :) Abbie keeps us busy with non-stop chatter and questions, and boy can she negotiate! Abbie's favorite things: DANCING, singing, baking, reading, riding horses/ponies, seeing family and friends, and holding her breath under water in the bath tub while I count, but I think the one that tops the list is being a big sister. She has taken on that role with pride!
We are so proud of her and all of her accomplishments, she is growing up so fast!
We LOVE Abbie!!

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Isabelle Rae "Izza"
May 11th 2006
She is our little girly girl! She loves pink, bows in her hair, lip gloss, bracelets, necklaces and anything shiny or pretty.
She is so much fun. Izza loves to entertain the family, if she does something that makes us laugh, she will do it again and again just for the reaction. She loves to be silly and hide under blankets, she will sit there forever just silently (giggling) waiting for us to find her. She also has her "don't bug me and I won't bug you side!" If she doesn't want to be approached you will
know it. She doesn't candy coat it all, she will growl and scowl at you, and if that doesn't work she will push you away! (something that will come in handy when she gets older but for now we are trying to tame it a little!)
The joy that she has brought to our family is amazing!
We LOVE our Izza!

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat

This year, for the first time, we all dressed up! Ben was a pirate, I was a witch, Abbie was one of the 12 dancing princesses, and Izza was a tiger, because she loves to growl. I couldn't believe how much Iz liked to dress up! She sat still while I painted her nose and cheeks. She loved looking at herself in the mirror. Abbie had to have a little lipgloss and glitter on her cheeks as well as the up-do with lots of curls. It was so fun getting them ready, we got to dress up two nights in a row!!
The girls had so much fun knocking on doors and getting free candy. Izza even carried around her own basket and went to the doors, she was so proud of her treats! I think we went to about 15 houses and called it good. Abbie was excited to get home and check out her goods and pass the candy out at our door!

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Our first family trip to DISNEYLAND!
It was a first for all of us! WE LOVED IT! We spent three days there. We had lunch with the Disney Princesses, saw Mickey and Minnie, got autographs from all the famous characters! Abbie's favorite ride was, of course, the teacups. Izza loved any ride that she could go on, especially if it went fast and spun around. Ben had to do all of those crazy rides with the girls and I got watch and take pictures! Splash Mountain was my big splurge... Abbie and I waited in line for about an hour before we got to do that one.... come to find out no seatbelts!?! Was this ride going to be safe?? I was more scared than Abbie, but I am the mom so I had to act like it was all going to be fine... AHHHH! I am not sure who held onto who the tighest! Before we left there were a few musts Abbie's list: Eat cotton candy, buy the $7 Minnie balloon, (Ben asked if it came with warranty:) surprisingly it does, who knew!) watch the amazing parade (two times), and of course you can't leave without the mouse ears! At the end of it all we decided that you need a lot more than three days to see it all (maybe a few rest days in between;)

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Family Support!

It was so AWESOME to have my family all there and supporting me! Tiffany flew in for less than a 24 hr stay, Jason drove up from Las Vegas that morning just to turn around and head back right after is was over. Corina and Keith drove down from Kaysville. Everyone came to cheer me on and watch me cross the finish line! I can't even begin to say how much that means to me! My mom planned a big family breakfast with aunts and uncles and all my other brothers and sisters. It was so great to see the love and support from family! Running a first marathon is a mental battle. Its amazing how much family support can get you through the tough days! I couldn't have done it without them. Especially Ben playing Mr. Mom every Saturday! Thanks to friends and family who encouraged me and Mom, even though it was hard for you to think your little girl might die out there:) thanks for supporting me!
I love, LOVE you all!
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The MARATHON!!!!!!

What a blast! I have spent the last six months training my guts out, yes I said my guts out!!
I was up EVERY Saturday before the sun out there running. I trained with a group called salt lake fit. I wouldn't have made it without them! Best coaches and people in the valley!

I made some of the best friends I will ever have. We have spent hours together running and talking. And getting each other through the tough days when you wanted to just lay there on the ground and bake in the sun:)What an amazing group of people!

This is Jamie, love her!! She ran last year so any doubt or questions I had, she was there for me.
She lived close by so we ran together three days a week and she joined me in a 6am yoga on the non-running days!
We ended up with matching shoes and decided that we were meant to be BFF! ;) This is us at the after party showing off our awesome calf muscles!

These are my girls, I love them! Adrienne, Jamie, and Wendy. We depended on each other, and most importantly got each other through the LONG HOT runs! There were days when we coudn't believe that we were really out there running 20+miles. When someone was down we all pulled together to get through! And just look at us: 5 hours after the marathon, what an accomplishment. We are all so proud of each other but especially of ourselves! WE DID IT!!
oh, if you are wondering my time: 4:38:19 I am happy with it!
Will I do it again? YES, I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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