Saturday, May 31, 2008

The cousins

Izza and Abbie Sylia, Justis, and Graidy
We took individual family pics after the group pic. We thought that would be quick and easy.. I am not sure why we though that. The kids were tired of saying cheese and smiling. It was so fun to have them all together! Brinley wandered off, she was way done having her pics taken so Malia enjoyed posing by herself:) We love you all and were so happy to see everyone and play together(as nicely as we all can:))

Malia (No Brin) Parker and Cooper

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The Picture

Phew!!!! We did it! We were lucky enough to have all of the nine cousins together at the same time, let alone getting them all to look in the same direction! (It's rare, with Tiff in Nevada, Corina in Kaysville, and Jillian in Monroe). It was a whirlwind with all of us clapping and playing peek a boo to get the kids to look up at the same time. We had them scream popsicle, because that was the promised treat if they could just hold still long enough for a pic!! We are happy with the way one of 50+ turned out! Thanks to everyone for rushing the kids over for the last minute pic!!

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Fun times

We have had a great week despite the fact that out Daddy has been missing. We had all of our cousins together and have been able to do so many fun things. We have spent most of the time in Gma and Gpa Johnsons Backyard; swimming, jumping, and sliding. We also got to go to Jumping Jacks. It is a hug warehouse with blow up toys like slides and bouncy houses. Just a super fun place for kids and adults alike. We all had a good time and it wore the kids out! We love you guys and will miss you all when you are gone!
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Monday, May 26, 2008

Our Daddy!

Ben spent last week in Texas for business, he got home late Saturday night so the girls got to see him Sunday morning! They were both so excited to have him home! Izza struggles without her daddy, she asks to call all day!! She is a little more edgy when he is not around, she is a daddy's girl! She wouldn't go to sleep the night before he got home. She wanted to go pick him up she was hysterical!! Little did she know that daddy was only going to be home for Sunday then it was up to Salt Lake for the whole month of June!!!! Luckily we got to spend the day with Dad, watching the silly show and eating popcorn on his lap!! We are staying in St George until my doc appointment on the 4Th and then we will join him.. but if you do the math that's is 10 whole days without our daddy!!!! Up until last week, the longest we have been without him was I think 2-3 days! We love you daddy and already miss you like crazy!!! Thanks for working so hard for our family, you are the BEST!!! Hugs and kisses!:)
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Last day of school

Abbie had her last day of school on Thurs. They gave awards to all the kids and sang some of their favorite songs. I was told to be there at 11am for the graduation... boy was there a mix up. When I got there at 11 the graduation was for the two kids graduating and they had already done the awards for Abbie's class earlier that day!! I was so sad, I had the video camera and still camera to document the whole thing!!:( It all worked out though, Abbie got an award for the most beautiful artist! She was so excited, she pays so much attention to details when drawing or coloring pictures. We are so proud of her.. its on to 1st grade next year! (foundations is what they call it at her school) Way to go Abbie!!! We love you so much!
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Sunday, May 18, 2008

The belly!

I keep getting asked by friends and family members (that are far away and don't have the wonderful privilege of seeing me everyday), if I am getting big yet...... well here is your answer!! YES!!!!!!! The top pic is me 2 weeks ago.... not much to see just a little bump. Bottom pic was me today (Abbie took the pic for me, so I was talking her through it). Anyhow, I am shocked at the difference two weeks has made in the size of my baby belly! I have heard from other twin moms and my doc, that at 20 weeks I will be the same size as me nine months pregnant. It didn't make much sense to me at first thought, but when you do the math and add two twenty week babies... it all makes sense. I have started doing that math today and realize I have two 14+ week babies so I guess my belly will just be big. I will just have to get use to the idea of MAJOR stretch marks! I think it will all be worth it in the end..... After all what is our purpose as women on this earth....?!
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It's getting HOT!!! In fact today I believe it was 104 degrees or somewhere near there. We had to do something so beat the heat. Inflatable pools are the best trick. We put the kangaroo climber slide into the pool and it was a hit. Abbie invited some friends over to play and we had a blast. The girls have been out there the last three days straight... I am not expecting the streak to stop anytime soon with the heatwave running through! Izza calls it her "hot tub" and refuses to get out!! Abbie loves sliding down on her belly, back or trying a twisty something or other on the slide. It's been a quick trick to cool off, and has brought back many childhood memories of swimming in those little plastic pools all St. George summer long!!

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

The cake!

Happy Birthday Iz, party number two!! Izza loved to play with her cake, I am not sure if she even ate any of it!! She had all eyes on her so she performed. She loves to be goofy and try to make everyone laugh. It usually ends up with her playing peek a boo, but instead of just saying "peek a boo", she SCREAMS it to get a better reaction! She is too funny! Ben, Abbie, and I love to just watch her, she is a crack up!! She is such a joy in our family, We all love her so much!!

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Fun gifts for Iz!

We had a small party at our house for Isabelle after we got back from ABQ. We had my parents and Ben's Mom with us. Izza loved it. She loves having everyone focus on her and sing to her. She got some fun new things to play with! Thanks Gma and Gpa Johnson and Gma and Gpa Cobb!

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Grandma Linda!

The whole reason we took our ten day trip to Albuquerque was for Grandma Linda (Cobb). She got her Associates Degree and was graduating with the highest honors. We wanted to be there with the whole family to see her walk! We are all so proud of her!! She did it!! She is still in school headed for a bachelors degree!! What an awesome example to us and our kids! Congrats Linda and way to go!
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Uncle Rob

The girls loved playing with uncle Rob. Izza wasn't too sure about him at first, but it didn't take long before she was yelling Rob's name every fifteen minutes to get his attention. Rob was a lot of fun for them to play with he let them get him all wet and ride on his back like he was a pony! They really enjoyed seeing him.. Izza still talks about Rob!

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Golfing in ABQ

We took an afternoon and went golfing with some of Ben's family. We had a great time. We went with his Dad, his sister Alex, and her husband Rob. Alex was the photographer (thx). I had my best golf game ever!! I was so excited, I shot a 66 on a 9!!!! (I have only golfed 6 or 7 times) I stayed right up there with the guys, well almost. Close enough for me to be proud!! BUT I think I peaked there and now I am on the down side, we went golfing another day with Ben's Dad and sister, Erica and it wasn't so pretty for me!! Golfing is such an great way to spend time together! We all had so much fun! Go Erica, it was her first time and she was awesome!!!
*after note: I just found a score card from a golf game on Ben's bday and I got a 64.....Just so my blog is accurate:)

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Sandbox to Sprinkler

Or was it the other way around...? The girls had so much fun playing in the backyard at Gma's and Gpa's house. They were trying to make sand castles so Abbie was adding water to the sandbox. They would play for a bit and then run through the sprinklers to clean off the dirt, then jump back into the sandbox and do it again and again and again! It is so fun to watch them entertain themselves with simple games! They are such good girls!!

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