Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My pretty finger paints!

Abbie was gone with Gma and Gpa Cobb to run errands. It was just me and Iz and she got a great idea... finger paints (as she calls it). It's the little kid nail polish that is like clear glue with sparkles in it. It peels off after about 30 seconds so its pretty harmless if it gets EVERYWHERE!! She was so proud of her self, she painted my fingers and toes as well... It is so amazing to realize that she is this big!!

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My girls are too too funny! They couldn't stop giggling. I thought they looked huge but when I saw the pic I realized we are all pretty evenly proportioned!!! I am huge!! yikes! I love my silly girls!!!
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

28 weeks and counting.......

I have had several people ask to see pics of the gigantic belly so here it is..... I am bigger than I have ever been!!! I had to order new larger sizes of maternity clothes.. yikes!! I am due Nov 14Th but the docs say plan at least 4 weeks sooner!! We have settled on names for our sweet babies. We will have Emily Sarah (my g-gmas name) and Olivia Klara (Ben's g-gmas name). Abbie and Izza are getting more excited everyday! I am just hoping the babies will wait until the whole house in unpacked and the nursery is set up:)
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Izza's 1st haircut!!!!!!!!!!

Izza got her first haircut today!! She was so excited the whole drive over to the salon, when we got there she had a change of heart. She wasn't even going to get near the chair! Abbie went first to show her how fun it could be. She decided if she could look at a magazine then she would sit there sort of still. We just cut the tiny mullet piece off the bottom of her hair, it so funny to see her without it. She loved it once the haircut got going, after she was done, she ran up and down the salon showing everyone her haircut. She was so excited!!! She is such a big girl!!! (of course she wouldn't hold still for the after pic... maybe next time!)

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She's ready....... I'm not!!!

Abbie cannot wait for school to start! She will be going all day and having lunch at school, the highlight of a lifetime. She has been waiting for years to be able to do that!! We went and got the school uniforms and supplies this past week. It is so hard for me to realize that my first baby will be in school from now until...... well at least 12 years, if not more!! Its a time of reflection for me, I had so many plans of things we would do everyday and things I would teach her in order to get her ready for the big world of school...... All I can do is just hope she is ready. (I really mean, hope I am ready to let her grow up!) I am so proud of her and all that she already is, I will miss her like crazy!!
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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Big News!

Well , I guess we all knew this day would come, and with us you never know when it may happen. We have a pretty good track record of only living away from the SLC area for a few months! Yes, you guessed it, we are moving back up north!! Ben sold his company to one that is located in Draper, he has been working for them for the last few months and has actually enjoyed working for someone (who knew?). They have been asking him what it would take to get him to re-locate and he has said we won't do it. Well that just made them want him more... they kept asking and asking.... finally an offer we couldn't refuse! He will be Director/Head of Development or whatever you want to call it, he will be running the show as far as I know! I went up last week to look for a place and with the help of an awesome realtor (and my mom watching the sick kids at our hotel, THANKS mom!!) we should be closing on our house in about two weeks. We always said we would be settled down somewhere before Abbie started school and she starts Sept 8th so we will be settled the week or so before, phew! (we like to cut it close!!:)) The Cobb family adventures continue.................

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Poor Baby!!:(

Sweet little Izza has a viral rash.... at least that's what the doctor decided to call it. We took her into the Insta-care and we had them all confused. At first it was possible Roseola then it was time for chest x-rays to rule out pneumonia. Talk about torture, I couldn't be in there with her because of the pregnancy so I got to watch through a window as they held down my sweet baby while she screamed "MOMMY!!!!" She was fine once it was all over and she got some fun stickers... I think I will be more traumatized from it! Everything was clear, but no real diagnosis. We were sent home with no real answer, just that its a rash and we should watch it for a few days. Here we sit watching it, poor thing! Luckily it doesn't even bother her at all!!
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