Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Puzzle Time

Isabelle LOVES to do puzzles. She has a whole system down. She gets out one box at a time and then puts it together and saves it to the side before getting out another one. We only have five puzzles so she does them all and sits back and looks at them very proud of herself. Then back in the box they go with all the pieces upside down so when you get it back out you can dump the whole box over and all are face up, no one can help her because they don't do it right... its so funny. Today I timed her, it took her less than thirty minutes to put together all five by herself!! (I think I handed her maybe three or four pieces total) She is all about processes and systems... don't know where she gets it?!
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Us said...

where does she get it? hmm... have you checked out her mom and dad? hello


that is so cute, what a smarty pants! I love your projects they are way cute!

Ginocchio Family said...

Her intensity when she does things is killer. I can't believe she is so into puzzles, what a good, quiet activity!! She is a crack up!