Friday, October 24, 2008

Some More Pics

Mom and her girls, this is inside the Level II nursery

Isabelle holding Olivia.

This is a normal scene for Loni and I. The girls are doing well. Little Emily will not be going home with us tomorrow, but we're optimistic it won't be long until we can bring her home. The only thing pending is her ability to feed consistently.

Emily no longer needs the lamp to keep herself warm, so they bundle the sisters together. They are so content when they're together.

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Hannah said...

I hope Emily can come home soon. Again, I LOVE that they can be with each other. You almost want to leave Olivia there with Emily so she has a buddy! What beautiful little girls

Annie said...

So so so cute!!!! I hope Emily will be able to join you at home soon! I am so happy that she is making progress. That bundled together photo is too sweet! :)

Annie said...

Allie and Audrey say: They are so cute! We love the pictures of them cuddling! They are so cute how they snuggle! Have fun with your new little babies!

Andee said...

Loni theyare beautiful! IT is so amazing to me to see the bond between twins! We will be praying for your daling Emily to continue growing.

Stina said...

I love that Olivia has to touch her sister. What an awesome experience to have twins! We hope that Emily will be able to come home soon!!

ShaeMarie and Ryan said...

congratulations! They are both beautiful! Our prayers are with you and the girls. I'm so glad that they are here!