Saturday, January 5, 2008

Lincoln Center

The Nutcracker Ballet at Lincoln Center! I wish I had more pics of this amazing event! Abbie sat on the edge of her seat watching the whole thing and picking out what part she would want to play in the show! I was blown away by the talent of the kids involved, they are all young kids starting at age six! Both Abbie and I got our pictures take with a Sugar Plum Fairy! It was an awesome girls night out in New York!

We also got to see the Manhattan Temple at Lincoln Center. It was raining and we were in a hurry so it was hard to take a good picture. I had to take several to get this not so good shot. I took the pics while waititng at the cross walk with a lot of other people around. I got some funny and confused looks from people wondering what I was taking a picture of, they kept looking around and looking at me like "what am I missing?" I guess thats the wild world outside of UTAH! The Temple was beautiful at night all lit up in the rain! Its awesome to see that glow in the middle of that busy city with all the tall buildings and people hussling around it.
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