Saturday, January 5, 2008

Like father like daughter!

While I was packing up our house I heard Abbie giggling. When I looked, she was taking pictures of herself. She found the camera and these are just a few of the pics we got. What can I say? She is just like her Daddy! He loves to take goofy pics of himself to make everyone laugh. I think he laughs more than anyone else.... (unless his friend Jamin is around!:)) Ben and Abbie keep us entertained! We love them!

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April Austin said...

That's hilarious. And I can't tell you how many times I've walked in on Jamin taking pictures of himself. So strange....

Kasey Lighten said...

Hey you! I didn't even know you guys moved!! I probably would have gone on seeing your mystery running twin and never even known you left! :) I am so glad you like it down is always nice to be around family. Our blog is Please keep in touch! By the way, cute pics...I used to always do that same thing. Too funny!