Saturday, January 5, 2008

Muddy Day

Playing in the MUD!! This is our backyard, we have an awesome "pond" made from rain. The girls had a blast throwing rocks and mud and watching them splash! Izza's hands got covered with mud, when she realized they were messy she wiped them on her jacket to get them clean!:) We love our little Iz. Abbie, of course, got one hand slightly dirty and maybe a little mud on her shoes! She had more fun hunting in the yard to find things that would float. She even found a really cool rock, she couldn't believe the shape (it was a broken pvc pipe:)).Its so awesome to watch these amazing girls grow up! They are so much fun!!

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Hannah said...

I love the really cool shaped "rock." kids are the greatest! Way to be an awesome mom and let your kids play in the mud even though it means lots of clean up for you!