Saturday, January 5, 2008

The REAL Santa Claus in NYC

Macy's (in NEW YORK) big ad: THE ONLY PLACE YOU CAN FIND THE REAL SANTA !!! We couldn't miss out on that opportunity! We waited in one of the best lines ever! We rode on a train, you could see out the windows as we rode closer and closer to the North Pole. Just off the train was a huge talking tree, singing Christmas songs and asking everyone to join in. Then we saw elves building toys. Choo Choo trains climbing up a track around a Christmas Tree. Then we met a couple of elves who led us to Santa Claus. He was so nice. Abbie asked for Dog for Christmas, he told her he would try but puppies have a hard time staying in the sleigh. It was so fun to watch Izza in amazement of all the hype and then having to sit with some old man named Santa. All she knows about him is that he says,
We all had a great time watching the girls meet Santa Claus!

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Hannah said...

That sounds awesome! I want to meet the real santa!