Sunday, November 25, 2007

Moving to SG

While we were in St. George for Thanksgiving and the race, we found a home! Ben has wanted to move to St. George for as long as we have been married. He loves it there, but I just haven't wanted to go back home! Well Ben wins! I am bowing out and taking it for the team:) We are ready to find the prefect house and get settled, we have been looking everywhere but Utah. We hadn't been able to agree or feel completely set on any one area. Ben just kept saying St.George and I kept saying no way! Saturday after the race he joked about moving there. I said if you can find a house with a big yard and a few other criteria then I will consider it. That was all he needed to hear. We found it while we were driving around after church Sunday. We put the offer in on Monday and we got it. It all happened so fast, but I am surprised to say I am very excited about it! St. George here we come! We are moving in two weeks. I will miss the Valley, my running buddies, and all the people who stop in to stay a night or two, but I am very excited to start a new life for my family in St. George! We still love having visitors, please come and stay!
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Gavin and Natalie said...

Oh my word! Your house is gorgeous! I am so excited for you guys. Good luck getting everything boxed up. I just saw a bunch of pics from Ecuador...oh how I miss you. ;)
Love Nan

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Nants (Mom, Grandma) said...

after 8 years away It's about time you come home!!!! It will be nice to have family close again. Look forward to seeing you. Love you,
Grandma Johnson