Sunday, November 25, 2007


Thanksgiving day! This is the second year we joined my family for Thanksgiving! In the morning we all loaded up in cars and drove a short distance to that sand bank by the river. We brought the four wheelers, cookies, hot chocolate and of course the FOOTBALL. The boys divided into teams and played a great game that is always halarious to watch, I think this year it ended with a tie! We brought uncle Tom's dog, which was Izza's favorite part! She gave him hugs and stayed by him for some entertainment. The younger kids got together and made and awsome Teepee. When I went over to take some pictures of them by it, I said," Go stand by the teepee." They all looked around and Justis said," What's a teepee?" We got a good laugh! After playing for the morning we went home and got cleaned up. We had an awesome Thanksgiving feast at the church! Thanks Mom for putting that together again!

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April Austin said...

OH NO!!!! I didn't know! I am thoroughly depressed. I was really looking forward to you guys coming to Dallas. I guess it wasn't meant to be. I will try and be happy for you in St. George though. If it's any consolation, your house is absolutely adorable!! Good luck with the move!

Nants (Mom, Grandma) said...

I love those pictures! We have the greatest grandkids in the world.
(At least we think so!!!)
Grandma Johnson