Thursday, November 1, 2007


Our first family trip to DISNEYLAND!
It was a first for all of us! WE LOVED IT! We spent three days there. We had lunch with the Disney Princesses, saw Mickey and Minnie, got autographs from all the famous characters! Abbie's favorite ride was, of course, the teacups. Izza loved any ride that she could go on, especially if it went fast and spun around. Ben had to do all of those crazy rides with the girls and I got watch and take pictures! Splash Mountain was my big splurge... Abbie and I waited in line for about an hour before we got to do that one.... come to find out no seatbelts!?! Was this ride going to be safe?? I was more scared than Abbie, but I am the mom so I had to act like it was all going to be fine... AHHHH! I am not sure who held onto who the tighest! Before we left there were a few musts Abbie's list: Eat cotton candy, buy the $7 Minnie balloon, (Ben asked if it came with warranty:) surprisingly it does, who knew!) watch the amazing parade (two times), and of course you can't leave without the mouse ears! At the end of it all we decided that you need a lot more than three days to see it all (maybe a few rest days in between;)

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