Sunday, November 30, 2008

Look who turned SIX!!

Abbie got to celebrate her birthday for whole week this year. We started with a party at The little gym, she got to invite all of her friends from school and around the neighborhood. The kids had a blast, it was the best bday party ever!! Ben's parents got into town just minutes before the party so we could leave the twins at home and go party (thx guys!) We also got to have cupcakes for breakfast on her bday, what a hit that was!!!

Then the tea party at the Gardner Village Protea shop. It was so fun, Ben's mom and sisters were in town for Thanksgiving so we all got to spend a ladies afternoon at tea to celebrate Abbie turning six. They have all the dress ups and served us pink hot chocolate!! Abbie's school class had taken a field trip there a couple of weeks ago to learn manners so Abbie was watching our every move and helping us all with keeping our elbows off the table, no slurping, and make sure you dab with the napkin so you don't mess up your lip gloss. SO FUN!

Happy Birthday Abigail, we love you to pieces!!
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Us said...

happy birthday abbie. looks like you had an awesome week.

Annie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABBIE!! YEA..... SIX!!! Sounds like you had such a fun week! :)

Ginocchio Family said...

Happy Birthday Abbie!! Malia has been making you pictures every day since your birthday, she felt bad for not being able to celebrate it with you! We love you Ab's, it sounds like you had a great week!

Nants (Mom, Grandma) said...

Abbie that looks like such fun, I wish I could have shared that memory with you. Happy Birthday again. You look like you are growing up waaaay to fast. I love you. Grandma Johnson

Hannah said...

My cousin just had a tea party birthday where they got to do these same things. I thought it looked so fun! Happy Birthday Abigail.