Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Life at home

Life at home is going great. The twins came home from the hospital on a eating schedule so that part was already done for me (yeah!) They are great sleepers and really never fuss unless its eating time. They eat every four hours which is perfect for me. I can sleep a few hours between night feedings and still be ready to go in the mornings with my other two. I think we have a good system down. Don't get me wrong, I am tired, but who isn't after having a baby, right? For now we are having a lot of fun enjoying the babies. Abbie is super helpful and Iz is finally starting to care that they are here. Its been a crazy transition for her but we are getting there!

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Ginocchio Family said...

They are already looking bigger!! I love the picture of Abbie and Izza holding the girls, one for each of them! It's to precious! By the way, you look great. Is mom still there??