Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fun pics

Ben got Olivia dressed and ready to go when he got the word that Emily was cleared to go. He was so excited!!!! Look how tiny Olivia looks in Ben's hands!! She went home 5 lbs 2oz, Emily went home 4lbs 8oz

This is a pic on the way home from the hospital. Ben looked back to check on them and both their headbands fell over their faces. It was so fun to drive home with both of them and know we didn't have to go back to the hospital!!
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*/ Jillian said...

She looks SO TINY in bens hands, and Emily is even smaller,.... CRAZY I cant wait to see them!

Kevin and Eliza said...

Congrats on having them both home. That must feel good. Wow they both are very tiny. So cute!