Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The long wait is over!!

Abbie finally started school on Monday. Her school was suppose to be in a brand new building and they have had set back after set back. They decided to have the first few days at the park next to her school and do field trips. Abbie is loving it. She has so many stories everyday! She has made a lot of new friends and says she isn't shy anymore! These pics were taken after a carnival day at the park, she had to have pics with the butterfly on her cheek. She has made one friend in particular, Kale, (a boy) she came home very excited because he likes to make her laugh and do silly things and then they played a game......... "lets see who can hug the hardest" She said he won because she wasn't even trying!! Yikes, Ben is a little concerned about this boy! :) We are very proud of her and all that she is doing, she is having fun and growing up so much!

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Nants (Mom, Grandma) said...

Abbie I'm so glad you are enjoying school. You are doing such a great job. Thanks for calling me and letting me know about your day. I love to hear from you. Keep smiling. I love you.