Saturday, February 5, 2011

Park City 2011

As always we start getting stir crazy when the winter pretends to turn to spring for a couple of days. We took a drive up to Park City last weekend and enjoyed breathing fresh CLEAN air. While driving home we couldn't stop talking about how much fun it would be to just embrace the winter and have a fun weekend in the snow. That's all the go ahead I needed. I got home and looked up a cheap condo we could rent. We packed up our gear and headed back up on Wednesday for the weekend. The girls had Firday out of school so we just excused them for Thurday. What a bLaSt!

Who knew a cold front would come in and it would be minus 4 degrees! (luckily it warmed up to a whopping 19 degrees before we left!)We weren't going to let that stop us. We bundled up and went out for some fun family SnOw time!

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