Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sweet Sisters!

Ab and Iz share a room. It's been so funny to watch them go through some sneaky transitions. First Iz would sleep on the floor next to Abbie's bed. Then I found Abbie on Izza's bed and Iz still on the floor by Abbie's bed. Now they just snuggle in together in Izza's bed. Abbie says whoever sleeps on her bed has nightmares? They started sneaking into each others beds thinking they would get into trouble. Now we just tuck them in together every night. Its funny to hear them up talking and giggling like I use to do with my sisters! Wow, how time flies!

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Linda R. Cobb said...

They look like little angels... I laughed when I saw Abbie in bed with her boots on -- (I know they are really slippers)