Sunday, April 5, 2009

Emily: sedated echo cardiogram

1. Blood draw, so they can get her blood type and have it on hand for the surgery. 2. The IV is in, after TWO pokes, poor girl!

3. Right after the sedation, we just found out about the postponing of her surgery! 4. Awake and playing, she loved the new toy that was taped to her! (IV). She ate right away with no throwing up, rare I guess!

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Stina said...

Any news about when she'll have the surgery? Hang in there!

Linda R. Cobb said...

Adorable pictures of Emily (although the last one made me a little sad)-- What an angel! What a sweetheart. Love Grandma Linda

Annie said...

Good!Glad she liked the IV toy! :) She'll be all ready for her all her IVs with her surgery! :) So glad things went well.
Hang in there. The Lord knows what He's doing. Which Dr has cancer? Is it still Hawkins and Hillman? Who will do her surgery now?