Sunday, April 5, 2009

Home for now!

We are home for now waiting on the call. For those who aren't aware. We went in last Wednesday for a sedated echo and then planned on staying the night for observation and surgery first thing Thursday morning. We got and Aprils fools joke that wasn't too funny! While Emily was sedated and getting her tests done. We were told that her surgery would be postponed because the PICU is too full. The PICU is the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. They would have to watch Emily there after surgery to make sure she recovered well before be admitted to a room. Later that night, we were told that Emily's heart surgeon was just diagnosed with a deadly cancer and would not have been available to perform the surgery. We know that Lord is in charge and its obvious that it wasn't meant to be for Thursday and only He knows why.

For now, we are on call and the twins are happy to be together again. We are suppose to know more on the dates by Monday or Tues (I hope). We are trying to be patient and Emily is hanging in there. I know it is because of the prayers and fasting on her behalf, keep em coming! Thanks for all the love and support, it means so much to our family.
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Cram Family said...

Im so sorry to hear all of this but I have to agree with you I know the lord is watching over all of us and knows what is best. We will keep all of you in our prayers.

Linda R. Cobb said...

"Accept what is and what is not." That was my journal assignment for the week from my religion class. During all of this turmoil with Emily, Erica teased me with: "How's that workin' for ya?" Needless to say I was a mess -- being far away didn't help. I love you all so much, and couldn't stand to think what you were going through. Deep breath... I have complete faith that all will be well. Love, Grandma Linda

Vanessa said...

Girl, if anyone can roll with the punches it is you! Hang in there and I am thinking of all of you.

The Isoms said...

Ahh how awful! To get prepared and then not be able to have it done. Well at least she is able to be with her sister again :)

Jamey said...

Good luck with everything, hopefully you have the answers that you need by now - I am thinking of your cute daugther - good luck