Sunday, March 8, 2009

Boot Camp!

I have spent a total of eight weeks, five days a week working my tail off. I have loved every second and it has paid off! I have lost 8% body fat! Enough about me, the trainer for the boot camp is holding a FREE trial class this coming Thursday morning at 5:30am. Its located in South Jordon at a dance studio. Its a blast and worth checking out, or at least come to the free class! I will be there with bells on, loving it! Come join me!
Axis Dance studio
3658 W 9800 S
South Jordon

check out his site


Ginocchio Family said...

You know I won't be there, but I checked out their link, just for kicks. I noticed that they have a blog, I checked it out, and saw a picture of your hot self!!! Lookin good sista!! Keep up the good work!

Jamey said...

If I wasn't 7 1/2 months prego - I would so be there with you!!! After the baby, if they ever do this again, I would love to try it out! Let me know!