Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sandbox to Sprinkler

Or was it the other way around...? The girls had so much fun playing in the backyard at Gma's and Gpa's house. They were trying to make sand castles so Abbie was adding water to the sandbox. They would play for a bit and then run through the sprinklers to clean off the dirt, then jump back into the sandbox and do it again and again and again! It is so fun to watch them entertain themselves with simple games! They are such good girls!!

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Linda R. Cobb said...

Abbie & Izza -- All the stuff you used to build the castles in the sand are cleaned off, put away & waiting for you to come back. I'll be sad to return home to Kitty, but no kiddies. Watching you play in the yard was soooooo joyful. I'm saving pennies for your wishes in the fountain. Love grandma Linda.

Hannah said...

Whenever I used to play at the beach, I would have to go to the water to rinse of the sand, but then because I was wet, the sand would stick to me again when I started playing. It's a vicious cycle!