Sunday, May 18, 2008


It's getting HOT!!! In fact today I believe it was 104 degrees or somewhere near there. We had to do something so beat the heat. Inflatable pools are the best trick. We put the kangaroo climber slide into the pool and it was a hit. Abbie invited some friends over to play and we had a blast. The girls have been out there the last three days straight... I am not expecting the streak to stop anytime soon with the heatwave running through! Izza calls it her "hot tub" and refuses to get out!! Abbie loves sliding down on her belly, back or trying a twisty something or other on the slide. It's been a quick trick to cool off, and has brought back many childhood memories of swimming in those little plastic pools all St. George summer long!!

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Us said...

that looks so fun. i remember those good ol' days. hanging out in the water all day long. how fun. i wish we could be down there.

Us said...
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Linda R. Cobb said...

It was so funny to see Izza - purple-lipped and shivering, yet, whenever she was asked: "Are you cold?" her immediate response was: "No. Hot tub." Love, Grandma Linda