Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sunday naps...

Sunday naps usually work out well for Grandpa Jay (Ben's dad)... not at our house! When you put a sleeping grandpa, a comb, squirt bottle, and my two girls in the same room..... Grandpa Jay gets a mohawk!! He was such a good sport... I think I remember him saying something about not letting these pics end up on the blog, or was it make sure they end up there? I can't remember:). We love Grandpa Jay!!

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I love our backyard!! It's half an acre of dirt which makes great mud when Ben waters his garden! The girls LOVE to put on their rain boots and get stuck! It actually looks pretty fun, they giggle, stomp around, and see how far their boot will sink in. Izza however got a little too stuck and fell right in. She wouldn't touch the mud to get back up so she just sat there waiting for me to pick her up!
side note: The garden is awesome, Ben has at least tripled it and its all growing really well! He checks on it about every 45 min to an hour to make sure its still growing!! It's actually really nice for him to get away from work and clear his mind, the girls love it too... more time with Daddy!

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Puttin' on a play

Abbie and Justis sure know how to have fun together! While we were visiting the Arnell family a few weeks ago, they decided to put on a play for Izza and Sylia. I found them downstairs in our bedroom, inside Izza's pack n play bed. They had the lights off and were using a flashlight for stage lighting!! The plays got a little silly but Izza and Sylia didn't mind! It is always a sweet surprise to find the kids all playing happily together!

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We went to Zion National Park on Monday. The girls and I went with Grandma Johnson and Uncle Jason. It was the girls' first time being there and their first real hike. They both did so great! Izza got a little tired by the end and needed to be carried. Abbie hiked the whole way by herself until she said her legs wouldn't go anymore! We had to make up some games and sing songs to make it the last 1/4 mile. We hiked into the emerald pools, we got to the lower and middle pool and then hiked out to the Grotto... I think it was a little over a 2 mile hike. We had a great picnic lunch and even got to see a squirrel eating an apple core. We had so much fun, Thanks Grandma for inviting us!!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Hmmm, that's wierd......"

Those were the words I heard from my doctors mouth.. yikes who wants to hear that! ??I was getting an ultra sound done because.. yes we are pregnant, but I was spotting a little. She checked and everything looked fine for a second but then..... "hmmm, that's wierd, let me get another doc in here".. I don't think doctors are suppose to say that stuff out loud!?! Anyhow another doc came in and what they had found was another baby! Yes, twins!!!!! The wierd part was that there is a tennis ball sized cyst between the two of them. It has caused quite a scare.. but now that we know what it is and what to watch for we are very hopeful that everything will be fine! I will have to go in for ultra sounds every 2-3 weeks thoughout pregnancy to make sure everything continues as it should! I had an appointment today and the docs are really positive! I have some super cute pics as well, but Ben is out of town and I am not sure how to scan them in and get them to show up right.... thats why I have waited a few weeks to blog the news! Anyhow... in 6 months we will go from a tiny family with two kids to a big family of 6!!! :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The girls!

Just found these fun pics of them, they are both getting so big!! I love being the mom of these two amazing girls!

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Hang on tight!

We spent the whole Easter day at my mom's house. We had family down from Marysvale and the kids had a blast together! We took the four wheelers down to the river, flew kites, and just hung around all day. It was a nice relaxing day and the kids loved playing together! They even got to pretend to drive the four wheelers in the backyard! They loved that! Its always fun to see the cousins!

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Our Garden

The garden, Ben's pride and joy! He is loving it. He worked for hours getting the ground ready and mixing the soil. He and the girls had a great time outside digging the ground and picking out rocks:) Abbie was so excited... she said to me, "I have always wished for a garden, I never knew we could have one!" Isabelle loved helping out.. she is, of course, in her Rella shoes with her pretty pink shovel! We planted corn, carrots, peas, tomatoes, watermelon, and cucumbers!! We are excited to see if we can make them grow in the St George soil...yikes!

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