Monday, March 24, 2008

My Favorite!!!

My girls..... I LOVE THEM! One of thier favorite things to do in the mornings is dress up in Abbie's dance clothes, turning on some loud fun music (doodlebops or playhouse disney), then dance for at least a half hour if not more! They will change thier clothes and shoes several times in the process, Abbie always dressing Izza. I, of course, get to be the audience and cheer and clap as they take turns twirling and doing awesome tricks! I just sit and think how amazing they are and what a lucky person I am to be the mom! They are such beautiful, talented, and spirited girls! I know one day I will miss this greatly! I love being a mom.... somtimes I wish I could just slow time down!!

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Hannah said...

I love that they do this!! I used to put shows on for my many I'm sure she eventually got tired of them. This is just so cute.

The Fergie's said...

Abbie looks so old with her long hair... Sam still tells knock knock jokes about Abbie
Sam "Knock Knock"
Me "Who's there?"
Sam "Abbie"

Linda R. Cobb said...

Abbie and Izza are such beautiful dancers. I loved playing all kinds of music for them to dance to. That picture of them putting on their shoes should be made into a painting. Grandma Linda