Tuesday, February 3, 2009

BoOt CaMp!

I started January off with an awesome Boot Camp workout. I signed up hoping for some major results. I am so happy to say I lost 4inches in my waist and dropped 8% body fat!!!!
I am up everyday at 5am to workout with an awesome trainer and group of boot campers! I can't wait for February's camp!
Anyone who wants to join in the fun click here:


Just the 2 of Us! said...

Lons, you cease to amaze me! You truly do give me inspiration. I have started my own personal boot camp. The hard thing is I have to get up at 3:30am so I can finish working out and be ready to be to work on time. I long for the days when I can stay at home with future children. So glad things are well with you and your family. Love ya, Lans

Ginocchio Family said...

Good for you loaf! I was worried that maybe your expectations were a little unrealistic, but from the sounds of it, you are kickin some serious butt!!! You are awesome!! I wish I could have been there to see your babes get blessed, it sounded like it turned out to be a great day! Loves Tiff

Kate and Robbie said...

I am so glad that you blog stalked me!!! Wow...twins! And boot camp!!! You are my new hero!!!1 You look so happy!!!

Jamey said...

Okay, I am going to admit it - I have been looking at your blog for a few months. (why is that always hard to say?) I found your blog while I was on bed rest, and I found out you were having twins, so then I had to keep checking your blog to see their pictures. Then I am glad I looked again awhile back because I voted for your picture to win that contest, and decided to enter myself for your photographers other contest. I won! So I am grateful that I stumbled upon your blog. It is nice to see people from high school. It looks like you are doing well, and way to go with this boot camp - I can't imagine having twins, and still getting up at 5am to go work out - that is AMAZING!

Well, I thought that I would come out and admit my stalking.
Jamey (Moore) Tobler

Linda R. Cobb said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that you sure don't look like you just had the twins 3 months ago -- you look terrific! Love, Linda

Vanessa said...

Leave it to you...to look good after having twins!!! I still need to get on the train...my excuse...to busy!!! I am going to click on the link and who knows...maybe I will get my butt moving!!! First, I guess I need to get some sleep right?

Oh, and you cute friend from High School Jamey...it was fun to take her pics!!

Angie said...

Hey Loni! Congrats on the weight loss. Your babies are darling. I will have to look into Boot Camp after we have our twins. You go girl!

Erica Christine said...

You're awesome, Loni!!! I'm excited you got such amazing results. That's so great!!

L said...

Hi Loni!! Your blog is so cute! All of your girls are absolutely beautiful! I can't believe you just had twins -you look amazing!!

I'm so glad I have your blog address, I'm going to add you to my reader to keep updated on your cute family!

We're expecting our little girl in just 17 short days... all of your cute pictures are making me so excited to have a little girl!!

Lots of Love!