Saturday, July 5, 2008

DiScOvErY GaTeWay

Our last day in SLC!!! We actually had a lot of fun and the month went by so fast for all of us! We were able to do all of our favorite activities while we were up there. One of the best places to visit rain or shine (or snow) is the Discovery Gateway Museum. The girls LOVE it! They have so many fun things going on all day and the kids can touch and play with everything, its all hands on! They love to put on plays, draw pictures, make movies, build with blocks, 'fly" a helicopter, run the cash register at the grocery store, row a boat... there are just endless activities going on! They keep busy for hours and it wears them out! We still had our family pass from when we lived up north so it was perfect. We were able to go several times! SO FUN!!!

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Shannon & Lindsay said...

Hey Loni! Shannon Cobb (Seegmiller) here! I saw your blog on Brittany Isom's and thought....hey I wonder if our husbands are related?

*** said...

We too love Discovery Gateway and make a point to get there when we are in town. The girls look like they are lovin' it there!