Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Tree House Museum

We took a fun trip up to Kaysville UT this past week! We went to see the newest addition to my sister Corina's family. She had a sweet baby boy, Graidy! Congrats!! We had a good time playing with the cousins all week. We got to take a trip to the Tree House Museum in Ogden! The kids had a blast running around together and they got to make bear masks and get bear noses painted on thier faces! We stayed until the kids were worn out, they slept good that night! Thanks again for hosting us at your home! Love you guys!
sidenote: 2 yr olds (almost 2) will not hold still long enough to take a photo unless they dont know you are taking one.. atleast that is the case for my sweet little Izza, you will note the fantastic side shots and blury or hidden face:)

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*/ Jillian said...

How fun! Looks like they had a blast! Isn't there like a discovery museum in SLC somewhere for kids too? Anyways what goes around comes around your are tagged again. All about Ben this time!

Hannah said...

It is hard to get good shots of a two year old! Though, I've heard that the three year old stage of picture taking is even worse because they are too shy to be in the picture, so they turn their head away intentionally. But, I think it all turns around at the age of four :). What do you think??

Kasey Lighten said...

Loni, How are you!! I love your blog! Super cute and you are so good about keeping it updated! That Tree House Museum looks like a total hit...I am going to have to take my kids now! Although, I can't believe you actually left St.George to come up to all this snow...on purpose! ;)