Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Summer recap:)

Summer life has been fun and busy. The highlights: We have had both sets of grandparents at our a house a few times this summer as well as Bens sisters and Rob, my sister, Tiffany, and her two girls and Bens cousin ,Tim, with his wife and kids. We have also been able to go camping a couple of times. Then the dayto day fun; Thanksgiving Point, Lagoon,and Discovery Gateway.
Abbie had her first dance recital in June, she was amazing! Izza finally has teeth!! Yeah, four so far, but not the ones you would think.. she got her two bottom teeth and then not the, two uppers but the ones next to them? go figure.. its normal I guess.
All the while I have kept myself on a pretty strict training program. I am training for my first marathon!!! It has been a lot of hard work and very time comsuming but the rewards are great. I have run some fun races to help ready myself. I ran my first half marathon last Saturday. The provo-river half. It was an awesome race, what an amazingly gorgeous course!! I looked down at my watch after an hour and half and couldnt believe I was almost finished.... too bad all races cant be like that:). I saw old friends, some ward members ,and a lot of people in my running group, what a blast! I finished in 2:10:58 I was really proud of myself! It was a good training run, I hear its fairly simular to last half of the St. George Marathon. (the one i am running) So I am hoping that means I can finish the marathon on 4:30 or less!???!
So far it has been a jam packed summer of fun and family with more to come...